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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to spot a good "quick money website".

First, you probably have searched the internet countless times looking for a "quick" way to make money online. I have been down that road and have paid the price for it. Many of my friends have done the same thing. I have made some money from those sources but not as much as they claim you can make. The trick is whenever you click on a link to an add make sure you research the company. Try to find testimonials about the website. Some things to watch for are:

-Request for personal info.

-Outrageous claims like "One Million in one month!"

-Ask you to do a product survey, before you can become part of the "exclusive program".

-Watch for offers that say this offer expires in 12 hours!! If you went back to that page in a month it would still say 12 hours left!

-Trust your gut feeling. Usually if you feel like something is a scam or too good to be true, it probably is.

I have fallen for some of the marketing tricks of these online websites. You don't have to make the same mistake. Biggest thing to remember is that most deals are too good to be true. However a lot of the deals can make you money as long as you put the work in!! Look for more on what it takes and on how to put the work in.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What does it take to make money?

First, if you want to make money you should start out young. Why not? There is absolutely no reason you can't start making money today. Many young adults (18+) don't see their potential. There are a lot of websites out there telling you how to make money, the key is to know what sites will lead you to making money. Through this blog I will provide my readers with the keys they need to making money. Listed below the blue letters is what you will need to get a good start on making online money.

Like I had mentioned above I would provide some info on what it takes to make it online. I will later describe the specific steps that will get you on your way to making money online.

One important thing to note is that making money online takes patience and a lot of research. First, before you even give out your email address you should do some research about the website. At the top of this page there is some info on how to spot a good website. So be sure to research because there are some great systems that do work; however you are more likely to run into the scam websites. So there is nothing wrong with looking at the website just make sure you do your research. The cost-benefit of doing your research is in your favor. I have had friends who have spent hours filling out surveys for a scam online company. ("Company offered reward points"). I typed the name of the website in google and the first page was a blog on scam websites to stay away from. 20 second or 2 hours of work?
So, clearly doing your homework before you make any moves towards making money online is essential. The next piece of information I am about to give you is just as important, if not more important!! Making money online takes determination and sometimes passion!! Too often people read make "$500 dollars in three minutes" and think to themselves "I can do that". The truth of the matter is you shouldn't be aiming for the $500 dollar profit you should check the website out and see if this system could make you lets say $200 dollars in a month. To make money online you are going to have to be determined to succeed. Many people have one bad experience and give up. Keep going and you may not be guaranteed to make millions of dollars but you will make hundreds!
As important as determination is, it is even more important to realize the difference between determination and stupidity. Being determined doesn't mean you should stick with something that isn't working. Being determined means sticking with something as long as you see a way in the end to make money. A lot of making money online comes from how hard you try and what you are willing to do to make the money. So stay focused and the money will start to flow.


I like this picture because no matter how small you start, you can always become bigger and stronger, if you are determined to do so.